Wood Bricks

What Are Wood Bricks?

Wood bricks are made from condensed kiln-dried wood chips and sawdust. They can be burned by themselves or mixed firewood to produce clean burning, consistent, long-lasting heat

Wood bricks are kiln-dried to a moisture level of about 10%. Properly seasoned firewood typically averages around 20% moisture.

Not only are wood bricks environmentally clean, but also clean for your home. Natural sap from the wood particles binds the bricks together tightly, which means there are no chemicals or additives. Kiln-dried, bark-free wood fibers are the only materials used to make compressed wood bricks, which means there is zero chance for bug infestation.

Benefits of Wood Bricks

Save money: Because they have lower moisture levels, wood bricks burn hotter than cordwood, which means you’re getting more heat for your money!

Save space: A ton of wood bricks provides you approximately the same heat as about a cord of wood – but takes up much less space.

Save your back:  Don’t bother hauling and stacking cordwood – we deliver neat pallets of pre-stacked bricks right to your driveway or garage.

Save the environment: Wood bricks are made from clean, recycled wood chips and sawdust, and they produce fewer carbon emissions and none of the creosote of cord wood.

Save your home from pests: Wood bricks are shrink-wrapped and shrouded to protect them from the weather and from bugs, mice, and other critters that can get into cord wood piles.

To summarize – wood bricks are easy to deal with, environmentally friendly, free of bark and insects, safe for camp sites, have reliable heat output, have a consistently low moisture level, and are extremely efficient.

How To Burn Wood Bricks

  • Burn bricks by themselves:
  • A common strategy is to make a teepee of three bricks with some crumpled newspaper or kindling underneath to light. Once the first bricks are lit, push the teepee towards the back of the stove allowing for a slow steady fire to build from the back of the stove to the front. Continue stacking the bricks onto layers until filled. Refill right before bedtime to allow the fire to continue burning throughout the night.

  • Burn bricks with cord wood:
  • Place a layer of bricks into your wood stove with kindling underneath to light. Then stack cordwood on top of the wood bricks.

    Burning Wood Bricks Alone - If you've never burned wood bricks before, it's a good idea to do some test runs. Remember that these bricks burn much hotter than firewood, so your stove should never be fully loaded up with wood bricks. Don’t be fooled by their size. Wood bricks pack a super hot punch...which can damage a stove if used incorrectly.